Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mass Customization: Engineering and Managing Global Operations

Flavio S. Fogliatto and Giovani J.C. da Silveira, "Mass Customization: Engineering and Managing Global Operations"
Sp--er | 2010 | ISBN: 1849964882 | 398 pages | PDF | 6,4 MB
Mass customization (MC) has been hailed as a successful operations strategy across manufacturing and service industries for the past three decades. However, the wider implications of using MC approaches in the broader industrial and economic environment are not yet clearly understood.

Mass Customization: Engineering and Managing Global Operations presents emerging research on the role of MC and personalization in today’s international operations context. The chapters cover MC in the context of global industrial economics and operations. Moreover, the book discusses MC topics that are relevant to the manufacturing and service sectors, such as:
• product platforms;
• learning curve modeling;
• additive manufacturing; and
• service customization.
Case studies in manufacturing (e.g., apparel and transportation) and services (e.g., banking and virtual worlds) are also included.

Mass Customization: Engineering and Managing Global Operations is a valuable text for mass customization researchers and practitioners. Researchers will find a selection of chapters prepared by internationally renowned authors, comprising most of their recent research in MC. Engineering professionals will be drawn by the vivid discussion of operational aspects and methods of MC, as well as by the selection of cases illustrating their practical application.

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